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Julia Van Daam, has been writing songs that flow between dark haunting melodies to her newest Single “Stay in Bed which is an observant and timely questionnaire of the political climate in our country. Observing the world through her smokey blue eyes this singer songwriter continues to navigate the seas in this complex but beautiful world.

She grew up in Providence, RI, an Eastside girl. Roaming the streets of Fox point with her guitar and her skateboard she began writing and preforming her own tunes. She grew up in an eclectic 70’s household, early music instruments, many cats and parents who ended up in the fight of their lives for the right to homeschool their children. Julia’s early loves included music, theater and people watching.

In the nineties she started to write, produce and record a self funded album “Juntababe” that would take her almost a decade to finish. Quite by chance she met Tom Scholz ice skating near Boston. He was kind enough to listen to the three song EP she was releasing and then called to have her record on his project. One visit to the studio and Tom gave her the “Sexy girl’s voice” credit for putting the tag on the end of BOSTON’s single “I had a good time”.

The full album “Juntababe” is an experience. Each song it’s own adventure. From the shadowy persistent melodies in “Our Secret” and “Gun” to the cheery flirtatious “Ten Vineyard Lunches” the tracks all have their own stories. Some written while bartending at the Hot Club on slow Monday afternoons. “Fruitcake” written about that infamous holiday fare was featured on NPR’s weekend Edition article in 2007.

Julia has always had a penchant for writing political songs. Growing up she was exposed to protest songs which reside close to her heart. Most recently she wrote a song called “VOTE” before the 2020 election. She saw Amanda Palmer was doing a cameo to benefit Biden’s campaign fund. Julia bought a cameo appearance and then asked Amanda to sing a verse of her song. You can listen to it on youtube following the link below.

Writing music takes me into a world where anything in possible - Julia Van Daam

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